About Us

We are a technology company that focuses on delivering innovative products for water purification using speciality activated carbon and other adsorbents.

About Us

We are a technology company that focuses on delivering innovative products for water purification using speciality activated carbon and other adsorbents.

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Filtrex Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced water purification products, we specialize in the supply of activated carbon solutions by using 100% coconut shell. Coconut shell-based carbon is well suited for organic chemical adsorption, including volatile organic chemicals while having higher chlorine reduction capabilities. It is also known to make the water taste “better”. The most advantageous use of coconut shell is that it is renewable and we believe in least exploitation of natural resources.

Filtrex Technologies has an in-house Research and Development team which continuously works towards the development of the quality of the product so that we deliver the best. We have a dedicated development team who is constantly doing research on the various possible threats that the water is possessing and also the future liable threats. Our development team is rigorously working towards finding the best possible solution to overcome the threat without causing any harm to the nature. We are also constantly implementing new technologies which will meet the requirement of the changing environment.

In terms of consistency, Filtrex Technologies is one of the most consistent activated carbon suppliers. We have always delivered quality product to our clients for years and as a result we are trusted by various well-known brands across the country and globally. “Honesty is the best policy” and we are truly honest and transparent when it comes to the usage of the products in the process of manufacture. We aim at Excellence to be the best in the industry.

Why is Filtrex Technologies appreciated? The answer to this question is that we are a customer focused organization and we religiously work towards the theory of just-in-time. The demand made by every client is very important to us and we believe in meeting their requirements on time, every time. We value customer feedback and work towards implementing it. Filtrex also brings to the table, rich experience of getting products from concept to commercialization.

Our Mission

Be the benchmarked, customer focused, Technology driven organization offering innovative, cost effective filtration solutions for global consumers.

WQA Gold Certification – Along with the WQA Sustainability certification, Filtrex Technologies is also certified by WQA Gold which means that water treatment products has been tested and certified to industry standards and only safe materials are used for the production.

Halaal – Filtrex Technologies has been certified by the Halaal board for manufacturing the products which is accepted by the global community.

NSF – Majority of our products have been certified by NSF . Advantage of manufacturing NSF certified products is that our products exceed global benchmark.

WQA SustainabilityFor more than 50 years, WQA has been recognized as a leader in the field of product certification for the drinking water treatment industry. Filtrex Technologies ensures sustainability in all the manufacturing process.

ISO Certification – Filtrex Technologies is an ISO certified 9001:2015 14001:2015. The importance of having an ISO certification is that the quality of the product is tested under various standards and the quality of activated carbon we deliver is verified under every standards.

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