Filtrex Technologies started life as a family business. The belief of its founders was that top quality, eco-friendly water filters could have a very positive impact on the quality of people’s lives world – wide and should be accessible and affordable for all.

Who We Are -Brand Behind the Brands

Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies Group Of the four Marmon companies, we are a part of the water technologies sector that provides water treatment equipments globally. Residential products include water softening, purification and refrigeration filtration systems. Marmon businesses also supply water treatment systems for power generation, oil and gas, chemical and other industrial markets. Products also include gear drives for irrigation systems and cooling towers, and air-cooled heat exchangers.


Central to the success of Filtrex Technologies has been its superior in-house laboratory facilities. Aquaworks is equipped with world-class technology and enables us to test the performance of products quickly, accurately and objectively against international standards. Aquaworks has the capability of performing a comprehensive suite of microbiological, organics, heavy metals and structural integrity tests, among others. For further information with regards to specific testing requirements, please reach out to the Filtrex team.

What we do

Filtrex Technologies is a part of the Marmon Water / A Berkshire Hathaway Company. The Marmon Group has a revenue of nearly $10 billion with 4 autonomous operating companies, 13 diverse, stand-alone business sectors, over 20,000 employees and 300 facilities in over 20 countries.

Filtrex Technologies compliments the product portfolio of its Group company in the US – Kx Technologies. While Kx Technologies specializes in extruded blocks & cellulose based FACT® cartridges, Filtrex Technologies masters the art of manufacturing compressed blocks made from 100% coconut shell based activated carbon. Together the two companies take pride in having the biggest share of the premium residential water filtration market globally.

Filtrex Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced water filtration and purification products. Filtrex specialises in the supply of activated carbon solutions, particularly in block form. We are privileged to count among our customers some of the most well-known and respected water treatment brands, OEM partners and wholesale distributors in the world.

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