Specialised Water Filters

FACT® (Fibrillated Adsorbent Cellulosic Technology) is a new kind of filter material, designed to perform well in low pressure applications. Its unique structure combines small overall pore size with a large pore area, producing extremely fast kinetics for adsorption and reaction. This means that any filter cartridge manufactured using FACT® has an exceptionally high contaminant reduction capability and dirt-holding capacity.
There are currently 2 grades of FACT® available as standard:

  • High Capacity CTO®
  • Microbiological


Smaller fibers produce a larger relative pore area for a given pore size. The resulting structure gives a lower overall pressure drop with higher dirt holding capacity and is resistant to clogging. This allows for greater capacity and a longer filter life.


  • Smaller fibers produce a larger relative pore area for a given pore size
  • Most of the fibrils remain connected to the core fiber reducing material loss
  • The fibrils reach out from the core fiber and entangle particles and other fibers
  • FACTTM Media allows immobilization of a wide range of particle types and sizes


  • FACT™ Media can also be chemically treated for microbiological _ltration
  • The small pore size coupled with the microbiological chemistry and large pore area allows for low pressure drop and high activity
  • Microbiological filters are constructed to flow under gravity or pressure conditions
  • High sediment capacity
  • Longer filter life
FACT® filters are available in 10 inch and 20 inch slimline and jumbo cartridge format as standard. According to volume demand, bespoke sizes and formats, and combination cartridges integrating other filter media can be manufactured.

The Microbiological FACT® filter cartridge which powers the FX™ BioSafe Filter provides:

  • 99.99% reduction of pathogenic bacteria.
  • 99% reduction of water-borne viruses.
  • 95% reduction of water-borne cysts.
  • Chlorine Taste and Odour (CTO) reduction.
  • Chemical reduction.
  • Exceptional dirt-holding capacity.
  • 1500 litre cartridge life.
  • Fast flow rate of up to 8 litres per hour under gravity.